High King Maulgar down!

As a guild, Calzowned has been clearing Karazhan (including Nightbane) weekly for a few weeks now. We have been working on getting our 2nd group up and running, with an eye on the 25 man content.

Last night we joined forces with OperationImpendingDoom to have a night of fun and games with High King Maulgar and Gruul.

On our very first time ever seeing these encounters, I am pleased to say we downed High King Maulgar on our 5th try and got Gruul to 20% on our 3rd try before calling it a night.

Congrats to the following:

Aerr on [item]Light-Mantle of the Incarnate[/item]
Gintora on [item]Hammer of the Naaru[/item]
and Flandesler of OperationImpendingDoom on [item]Mantle of Malorne[/item]

Gruul will go down next time for sure!

Calzowned is Recruiting!

Calzowned is currently recruiting healers and caster DPS to fill out our roster to start hitting 25 man content. We are currently running 2 Kara groups and clear Kara weekly, however we don’t quite have the numbers to hit up the 25 mans.

We typically raid 2 – 3 nights per week, starting around 7 PM Server time. We are mature and fairly laid back. While most of us have a more casual schedule, when we do play and raid, we take our playtime seriously.

We are looking for those players who typically have less play time, but want to get the most from their when they do play. We are in need of mages, warlocks and/or shadow priests, as well as an additional 2 – 4 healers.

You can find out more about Calzowned on our About Us page!