Guild Guidelines

In a Nutshell

Calzowned strives to be a close-knit guild with an emphasis on having fun, making friendships, and progressing in PVP and PVE aspects of the game. Our main goal is to create an atmosphere for guild members where they can always rely on each other as well as increase the efficiency and enjoyment of each player’s time online. Calzowned in-game goals consist of creating an overall balanced guild that is competent in both PVP and PVE.

Calzowned is not a hardcore guild. Many of our members are on tight playing schedules due to real life commitments. This equates into having many mature, cool-headed members that are courteous and unselfish.

Qualities we look for in a guildmember are loyalty, maturity, competence, and unselfishness. Calzowned will at times ask guildmembers to sacrifice personal playtime to take part in guild events that go to help the guild as a whole. Besides helping guildmates, Calzowned members are expected to treat other Azeroth citizens with honor and respect.

Guild Chat

PG Rating: keep all general guild chat and public vent discussions PG in nature. No risqué or inappropriate subject matter is to be broadcast through public guild chat or general vent. You are welcome to create your own private channels if you are unable to control your language.

Code of Conduct

All members of Calzowned follow these four ideals:

Honor – Honesty and fairness will be used in all treatment of others regardless of affiliation.

Respect – Members respect fellow players at all times. Each person represents Calzowned and is expected to act accordingly.

Compassion – We are a friendly guild here to help each other and our friends when we are able. Members need to recognize the difference between need and want and act accordingly.

Fellowship – Our strongest bond is our experiences that we share together. Accomplishments, failures, goals- achieved and unrealized, learning experiences and all adventures during our playtime. Personal gain is secondary to strengthening this bond.


Calzowned is run by a council of officers. Officers are tasked with keeping the guild running smoothly and enforcing guild guidelines. All members have equal say in the day to day workings of the guild and the general direction of the guild. Every member is an important part of the guild.


Raid scheduling and sign ups are currently handled through the in game calendar UI.


Calzowned utilizes the Ni Karma loot system for 25 man raids, and discussion/random in 10 mans.

Recruitment Procedure

Visit the recruitment area of our forums. Speak with recruitment officers in game. Our current recruitment officers are Bizzam and Gintora.