About Calzowned

What Calzowned Is

Calzowned is a loosely run, mature, laid back guild who strives to be competent in both PVE and PVP while catering to its member’s challenged playtime schedules. Calzowned is a guild of friends, helping one another achieve their goals, and not just a tool to get ‘phat lewt’. Calzowned strives to be drama free, both in guild and out. Calzowned members always conduct themselves with utmost respect no matter with whom they are interacting.

Many of our members are working professionals with family and real life obligations. As such, Calzowned members utilize our playtime to the maximum enjoyment and can be serious when it comes to our play.

Every member in Calzowned has a say in the day to day running of the guild, as well as the direction the guild is going. Everyone is important in Calzowned and we want each and every member to take an active role in keeping the guild running smoothly, be it organizing events/raids/pvp, recruiting, or otherwise.

What Calzowned Is Not

Calzowned is not here to claim fame and glory as the top PVE guild on the server. Nor do we expect to in PVP either (but we hope to hold our own). If are you looking for a cutting edge guild, raiding several days a week, always trying to knock out the #1 guild on the server, then Calzowned is not the guild for you. If you are looking for a guild where you can leech gear and then rush off to join a top end guild, then please look elsewhere. If you only want to PVP, never helping your guildmates with their goals as well, you probably should not look here. We do however hope to earn the respect of others on our realm, friends and enemies alike, as well as have fun doing it.