Things look grim for Morogrim

Morogrim Well, the servers finally decided to cooperate to allow us the opportunity to challenge Morogrim. Recent instability has thwarted our last 3 raids to give this boss a chance, but last night the servers held strong and gave us the shots we were looking for. We showed up ready to figure this guy out. To our surprise, Morogrim turned out to be quite a pansy and we downed him on our 3rd attempt. Oh, did I also mention that we didn’t even have a full raid? 24 raiders downed Moro on our first ever attempts on him, on our 3rd try. Needless to say, I’m quite proud of our raiders.

ExclamationWe are still recruiting members to fill out our ranks. We are currently looking for a couple of warlocks, a hunter, a holy priest, and a resto druid. We are also open to other DPS raiders. Please check out our recruitment section for more information!

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