ICC 10’s and some quick updates…


With guild members starting to mix and match groups each week we are seeing more and more players making a push through ICC 10 each week.  With a couple of groups that are now running regularly and members still pugging what they can we have allowed our members to experience these fights that we see each week in 25’s at a smaller scale and this allows them to work on execution and mechanics.  I know of 3 or 4 groups that are now moving through the first 4 bosses and even the first 6 without any deaths at all.  This is great to see as it will help us to gear towards progression in 25’s.  So keep doing what you are doing and if you aren’t doing anything to help yourself don’t expect us to carry you…

Next, it is awesome to see that we are getting some new recruits and that we starting to re-establish ourselves with solid people and numbers.  And finally lets not forget that Calzowned vent is for Calzowned members.  Yes if you are running a pug it isn’t a bad thing to use vent for coordination, but we aware that we have had some incidents over the last little while and if you aren’t running the pug let them find their own vent so we don’t end up with people who have no class (outside of the members in guild we already know of *cough* Nas)  coming in and spamming vent or causing issues.

Thanks for your and I leave you with this little piece of did you know trivia.

The very first bomb that the Allies dropped on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo, it is said.

This has been a Calzowned Update

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