Calzowned Personals Ad

If you pew pew from a far and are born before 1990 then maybe we are a match. Calzowned is looking for Locks, Mages and Healers. If this is you, please continue on and check out our recruitment forums for a possible match made in Northrend.

We dont have 200 questions for you to answer like some other match making services, but we do have a couple and if you answer them well, we will try and get you matched to a great guild where you can make some new friendships and explore new content as we move through ICC together.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the forums.

The move through ICC

We have now moved past Saurfang into ICC and have started our courting of the lovely Festergut and Rotface. let me tell you this, there don’t seem to attractive, but lets face it after a couple of beers we have all done worse right Nas? haha. Anyways. we hope to attempt a couple of new strats on these 2 thanks to our Aussie friend Jes and her ideas (not that they are backwards, you need to remeber that the toilets flush the other way down there.)

Also Recruiting is still open, please feel free to look and see what we need (Everything that isnt melee lol) j/k if you are a warm body with a friendly soul and can get along well with others then check us out.

Excuse me Lady Death, but you are next on my dance card…

Just a quick update…

Now that holidays are over and R/L is on the back burner again it’s time to look at getting another kick at the ICC can.  Over the holidays many of us turned to downing the 10 man versions and were very successful and some of us even set new person records of whoreish deeds by becoming Exhalted with the Ashen Verdict already and that’s cool *Cough WHORE Cough*.  Now we have moved our 25 mans back into ICC and having downed Lord Marrowgar where it was brought to our attention that “yes he does have a pelvis”.  These things are a very necessary part of raiding content and the mechanics for such need to be worked out (hahaha).

Next up for Calzowned is Lady Death and with raid turnout improving and the masses (Brick) searching for ways to make our lives easier so that Nas doesn’t in his words “put his head through a wall”.  Be sure to check the forums and don’t be afraid to read up on the upcoming encounters.  Just because your GS says 5k doesn’t mean you can heal, dps or tank.  GS doesn’t fix stupid so help yourself and run some instances on your own.  Lady Death is another fight that will require us as a whole to work together and down her.  If we take the time and turn down the suck we will soon be moving on to Bear Ass Rockets and the fun that is the Gun Ship. (Formally accepting bets on who is the first tard to fly off the ship when we get there).


Calzowned is still in the process of recruiting so in a post on the forums, you need to  make sure to answer the following questions:

1. Why Calzowned?
2. What are you hoping to get out of WOW?
3. What are you hoping to get out of a guild?
4. How many hours per week to you normally play, and what nights?
5. What is your character’s role in raids?
6. What is your raid experience?
7. What is your feeling on pvp?
8. How old are you?

Thanks for your time and remember to  look into getting some gear and Help Us Help You.