Calzowned, ICC and You…

icecrowncitadel After an eventful past 6 months we have seen our family grow again with a rebuilding of sorts that has allowed us to continue to be the progression guild we have always been known for.  We are still casual in that we only raid two nights a week, but our efforts are not unnoticed as we have been moving forward since the release of new content.  We made steady progress into Ulduar where we stopped in to visit Yogg Saron and as you can see not exactly the blind date we had in mind. We were told that Yogg would be the girl of our dreams (If Girls Played WoW).  So we passed for now as we had just had lunch and didn’t want the image that Yogg had left in our heads to follow us the rest of the day.  How will we forget the worst blind date ever, I mean it reminds me of the time we caught Doctabrick hitting on that girl in Booty Bay after Brewfest. I mean hey, maybe girl meant (Guy In Real Life), but hey you can always take her home to meet grandma and play with the cat I guess.

Next our journey led us to the northern peaks of Ice Crown where someone thought it would be fun to have a tournament so nerds can rage and ride different kinds of animals all day.  Once there we found ourselves drawn to fight at the promise of getting to see to Val’kyr Twins.  First thing I thought was that the game had finally decided it was time to show a little girl on girl action.  I mean who else didn’t think these twins would be like Swedish twins. But to our dismay these two twins were not interested in having us just watch so we had to slap them around a bit and send them home sadder then we were.  After we had slapped the twins around we were visited by their pimp the Lich King. He goes on to let us in on the fact that someone was stupid enough to build this tourney on top of a WoW Roach motel and now we have to visit the manager.  So as we fall through the floor we see the water below and figure at least the landing will be soft.  That is until Sullanciri decides that Path of Frost would be cool, needless to say it wasn’t. In the words of Chutoi “That will cost you Karma”.  Don’t get me wrong I laughed my ass off, but really if you didn’t at least smile you must be dead.  Wait you all were hahaha.  Ok I am good.  When we finally got up and going again we found out that the manager of this Roach Motel was some guy named Anub’arak.  It took a couple of visits to exterminate this NY sized roach, but once again Calzowned showed that we are masochists who love punishment and we kind of know what we are doing.


We have now lived through the first week of a new patch and have started our journey into ICC.  ICC is like that old house up on the hill you should stay away from and you know it, but you just can’t so we ventured through the front doors unannounced and found out that we are in for a treat.  The fights here finally make it feel like raiding again.  I mean there is a little bit of trash here and there and we have to coordinate the pulls again and that is something we haven’t done in way to long.  Priests can use shackle again and man are pallys going to be OP in here with all this dead walking around.  So yes RuffoBrick will feel huge (when we don’t make him tank) and OMFG can you imaging having to hear Doctabrick say how leet he is in his LawLbringer gear (Because you know he has it in his bags).  Through some hard work and sleepless nights because all you hear in your dreams is “I’m on a spike god damn it, someone kill this thing” and “hahaha, spiked and in the fire, that is great.”  All of which will lead to Nas calling for a wipe and being the only one who was ready to die (unless of course you were DI’d on a GOD DAMN SPIKE) hahaha fun times will be had in here and I’m sure some of them will hurt the pocket book, so you should all feel free to FARM because its easy to make some money and get some gear to help us help you!!!


  • Laok is sad that Locks got nerfed

  • Nas is trying Boomkin (Somewhere God is laughing)

  • My GF thinks that DoctaBrick is a Old Cat Lady

  • Do some daily dungeons for repair gold and badge gear. (Help us, help you)

  • Read forums (Mourn and Sull have some good info about upcoming fights)

  • Congrats to the new Calzowned parents

  • Welcome new recruits and members