Back From The Dead

Seeing as how the last update here was from Black Temple, I think a frontpage update is in order. We’re as usual, plodding along through content, downing ToC25 consistently and easily enough in around 2 hours or less, and we’re starting to venture into Heroic 25 man content. Yogg is still a bit of a thorn in our side, but we’re still planning on yanking that one out in the near future.

Our main needs at the moment are for a few solid dps classes, ones that can reliably and consistently top 4k dps solo, and more so in raids. A healer or two wouldn’t hurt either, a geared resto shaman sure would be nice. Ulduar is for the most part off of our progression list, yogg aside, and gear level past Ulduar will be expected before earning a raid slot. We’re looking for players interesting in progressing at a steady pace, but we’re not hardcore – don’t join if you’re looking for five night a week raiding, you won’t find it here. If this sounds like a good fit to you, hit up our recruitment section in the forums to get in touch with the right people!

Finally, we are all awaiting 3.3 anxiously, and will be ready to start progression immediately upon it’s release. Till then, see you next time.