1-2-3, that’s good enough for me.

No, not talking about a rolling stop.

It took exactly three tries to lance the boil on Gurtogg’s hairy…

Well, let’s not go there.

This guild, casual though it may be, has a tendency to blow through the more mundane bosses the moment you blink, and they did it to me again last week. The callous disregard they show for our more temporally overallocated members by first timing bosses hurtses us, yes it does precious.

As such, those of us who can only play two nights per week, may have to start putting out contracts on the Wednesday Nighters in an effort to slow them down, so we get a chance to come out to play too.

So if you happen to know any alliance of questionable ethic and moral fiber, who roam in packs and wouldn’t mind jumping lone Calzowned members on wednesday nights when they have them seriously outnumbered, please send them…

HA! See what I did there! That describes all of you, you alliance pansies! (apologies to Jeskia, who is only a part-time pansy). I’m not going to pay for what I can get for free!

(On the other hand, feel free to gank any and all calzowned members you come across on Wednesdays. Those of us with less free time on our hands may just thank you for it.)

Oh yeah, and congrats on Bloodboil.

I guess.


More than one way to skin a Cat

Archipwned Archimonde down.


This one felt good. Really, really good.

It took our fair share of nights to get Archimonde to finally drop for us. Lots of simmering frustration and lip biting… concerns about whether we’d manage it or not. This one was different from Gorefiend though, in that there didn’t seem to be a way for everyone to “learn” the fight sufficiently to beat it… it just seemed like no matter what we did, fire would slash through the melee group like the sword of Zorro… I swear it would come from every direction at once, and we’d suddenly have half a dozen people with doomfire.

But everyone kept their cool.

Each guild has it’s own strategy for beating him… for us, it was bringing 11 healers. We’d gotten really good at using the tears, and nobody was cratering… our healers were kicking butt on the main tank heals, and Throt makes stance dancing the fears look effortless, and yet, we just couldn’t seem to get past the fires.

So for us, the solution was more healing. Not sure we’re quite ready to proclaim him as being on farm status, but this was probably the most gratifying kill yet for everyone, if the cheers in Vent were to be measured from boss to boss. Knowing what we know now should make future attempts more feasible for us.

Sadly, Bizz was missing for Father’s day, while the rest of us less adequate parental types skipped out to raid Hyjal.
Maybe next time Bizz.

Awesome job, guys!

Ghost of a Chance.

Teron Gorefiend down, Archimonde teetering.

It’s funny how sometimes the best strategy is just to walk away. After a brief break from progression raids, we came back and dropped Gorefiend on our second serious attempt, which left plenty of time to go back and visit Archimonde.

Even with several new people, we had our best night on the Hyjal boss, with 3 of 11 tries seeing Archi in the low 30’s. In fact, across the board, Sunday night’s attempts were solid, with only a few being early jumps into the fire for a quick rebuff and go (including 1 in which the MT got hit by no less than 3 seperate doomfire trails at the same time… go go random number generator).

Fortunately for us, at no point did anyone with a curse die while standing beside a mage with a perfectly functional decursing set up on his raid bars.


That’s my story… I’m sticking with it.

(Stertly stepped into doomfire or something).