Pre-Valentine’s day visit to Leotheras and Karathress

LeotherasWe heard that Karathress was having a Valentine’s day party so we thought we’d drop by for a visit.  Unfortunately, Leotheras was in the way, so we had to… dispatch him.

This was the first time we had attempted Leotheras.  After a few tries, poor Leotheras was laid to rest, finally at peace with his inner demon.

Fathom Lord KarathressAfter offing Leo, we headed on to pay Karathress a visit and take his Valentine day goodies.  We had only ever spent about an hour playing with the Fathom Lord in the past, but we were confident we would figure this one out.  And figure it out we did, defeating Karathress with only 1 death, which fortunately was not anyone of importance.

Two guild firsts in one night, and we continue to roll on through the 25 man content.  Next up is Vashj, and then on to Kael’thas.  We have a goal to properly enter Black Temple before patch 2.4 goes live so we now have a bit of a race on our hands.  But I feel we are up for the task, we have solid, competent raiders and I am confident we will break into Black Temple within a few weeks.

ExclamationCalzowned is still recruiting certain classes.  We are looking for a couple of resto druids, a holy priest (or two!), a possible holy paladin, and a warlock or two.  Please check out our recruitment section for more info!

Things look grim for Morogrim

Morogrim Well, the servers finally decided to cooperate to allow us the opportunity to challenge Morogrim. Recent instability has thwarted our last 3 raids to give this boss a chance, but last night the servers held strong and gave us the shots we were looking for. We showed up ready to figure this guy out. To our surprise, Morogrim turned out to be quite a pansy and we downed him on our 3rd attempt. Oh, did I also mention that we didn’t even have a full raid? 24 raiders downed Moro on our first ever attempts on him, on our 3rd try. Needless to say, I’m quite proud of our raiders.

ExclamationWe are still recruiting members to fill out our ranks. We are currently looking for a couple of warlocks, a hunter, a holy priest, and a resto druid. We are also open to other DPS raiders. Please check out our recruitment section for more information!

Zul’jin Down

Zul’jin DownAfter taking about a month off from Zul’Aman, Calzowned decided to turn our attention to ZA again and managed a full clear on our first night back! Great job to our ZA crew!

ExclamationWe are still recruiting a few more raiders! We are looking for a holy priest or two, a resto druid, another warlock and a hunter! Visit our forums if you are interested!