On a Roll!

Hydross DownWell, we knew it would happen next time we paid Hydross a visit, and sure enough, Hydross was knocked out in short order. On our 2nd night of attempts on Hydross, on our 4th attempt of the night, we killed Hydross with zero deaths.

Great job to everyone! Here’s to heading further into SSC!

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A’lar Takes a Dirt Nap

A’lar DownCalzowned has really been shining since the holidays. For last night’s raid we decided it was time turn our sights to A’lar for a full night of work on this encounter. It took us a few tries to get our execution in order, and on the 8th attempt, A’lar was downed with only 1 death.

This kill was particularly satisfying to me, huge thanks to everyone and excellent work by all! Hydross is next!

ExclamationCalzowned is recruiting! We are currently looking for a dedicated Holy Priest or two. If you might be interested in a mature and fun guild, give us a look!