Calzowned enters Zul’Aman

Zul’AmanWith patch 2.3 bringing us new treats in the form of a new 10 man raid instance, Calzowned has already been making steady strides in this new zone. Although many have been out of town due to the recent holidays, we have already had a few forays inside the ancient Troll grounds of Zul’Aman.

We have already downed Nalorakk, Akil’zon, and Halazzi. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the bosses fall at our feet as well.

ExclamationCalzowned is still recruiting healers, particularly Holy Paladins and Restoration Shaman. If you are interested, please contact Bizzam or Lancepants in game. You can also make a post on our forums!

Chocolate Raaaainnn

Calzowned continues to cruise along!  Last night we had a wonderfully smooth raid, downing HKM, Gruul and Void Reaver in under 3 hours.  We plan to head into Serpentshrine this weekend to expand our kill list.

Calzowned currently has room for a few more healers.  In particular we are looking for a couple of Resto Shaman and a Holy Paladin.

If you are looking for a casual time requirement guild who is serious when they raid, give us a look and drop us a line if interested!