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Getting the ball rolling…

After several weeks of running head first into that immovable object known as Putricide, Calzowned was able to knock him out and continued on to Princes where Chutoi took command and showed that he and Agalloch were able to juggle balls in order to help the guild.  Don’t be fooled, when needed the rest of the guild was able to lend a helping hand and juggle the odd ball here and there as most everyone worked together and showed that if we bring 25 people on a Sunday we are able to accomplish ICC with out any real hiccups.


  • Vlogs may have finally expressed his true feelings as his voice has finally changed to its normal pitch.
  • 10 mans are moving along great…
    • congrats to Gintora’s Elitist group for getting to Sindragosa
    • Prepi’s Part-timers  are also moving along when people show up
  • Once again Chutoi openly admitted in vent that he is a great ball juggler, so feel free to hit him up.  I hear doesn’t charge much…
  • Finally don’t forget to tell your mom that there is swears on the interwebs…

Hope I got it all, if not drop me a message and if you are there for kills be sure to screen shot it and I will put up the picks…


Off to see the Professor

Update on Guild and the Progress being made

After finally moving through the 2 delinquents Rotface and Festergut we found ourselves outside the doors to the professor.  Putricide has shown to not be a push over, but with the people in Calzowned working together, reading the strats, and executing He should be down before long.  The guild has moved forward with the kills of Rotface and Festergut, and this has enabled them to look at Putricide as there next goal while leaving the options of the Blood Princes still open.  The guild has also started to learn the fights through the many 10 man groups that are up and running, most of which are seeing some definite success in ICC now that the fights are known and that people are playing their class the way it was meant to be played.

Calzowned News

  • We would like to welcome some new members, some old members back (Demo) and say good bye to some good members looking for greener pastures.
  • Recruiting is at a standstill as we evaluate what we have and what we need, but if you are interested in joining us please drop off an app

ICC 10’s and some quick updates…


With guild members starting to mix and match groups each week we are seeing more and more players making a push through ICC 10 each week.  With a couple of groups that are now running regularly and members still pugging what they can we have allowed our members to experience these fights that we see each week in 25’s at a smaller scale and this allows them to work on execution and mechanics.  I know of 3 or 4 groups that are now moving through the first 4 bosses and even the first 6 without any deaths at all.  This is great to see as it will help us to gear towards progression in 25’s.  So keep doing what you are doing and if you aren’t doing anything to help yourself don’t expect us to carry you…

Next, it is awesome to see that we are getting some new recruits and that we starting to re-establish ourselves with solid people and numbers.  And finally lets not forget that Calzowned vent is for Calzowned members.  Yes if you are running a pug it isn’t a bad thing to use vent for coordination, but we aware that we have had some incidents over the last little while and if you aren’t running the pug let them find their own vent so we don’t end up with people who have no class (outside of the members in guild we already know of *cough* Nas)  coming in and spamming vent or causing issues.

Thanks for your and I leave you with this little piece of did you know trivia.

The very first bomb that the Allies dropped on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo, it is said.

This has been a Calzowned Update

Press Release…

Having found some new members and having had some old members return Calzowned has packed their bags for a much needed trip to ICC.  Upon arriving they quickly browsed the main entrance stopping shortly to visit with Lord Marrow and Lady Death before heading up the lift where they would board the Zeppelin for a nice Sunday float above Ice Crown.  While lounging around enjoying some Mammoth rides courtesy of Sull, the were involved in an unpleasant accident with some Alliance show boaters.  Rather than just let things be, we showed them why we keep a rocket pact next to the driver seat.  After handling the situation maturely (shooting their ship out of the air)  we headed in the balcony door where we were welcomed by DB Saurfang and his lovely beasts.  After a short family squabble we headed inside to visit the rest of the household.  Once inside we played with Precious and Stinky (someone needs a bath) before heading to see Festergut and Rotface.  I was like really who names their kids like that and then we saw these lovely beasts, I mean boys, I mean WoW you have a face only a Doctor could love.  Speaking of which have you met Doctabrick?  He is single, lives in a home for the gifted, but only 1 week at a time, other than that he is staying at his grandma’s.  I can hook you guys up, but psssst.  he likes cats so the dogs might have to go.   Anyways this is where our trip pauses but only for a short time…

Calzowned Personals Ad

If you pew pew from a far and are born before 1990 then maybe we are a match. Calzowned is looking for Locks, Mages and Healers. If this is you, please continue on and check out our recruitment forums for a possible match made in Northrend.

We dont have 200 questions for you to answer like some other match making services, but we do have a couple and if you answer them well, we will try and get you matched to a great guild where you can make some new friendships and explore new content as we move through ICC together.
Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the forums.

The move through ICC

We have now moved past Saurfang into ICC and have started our courting of the lovely Festergut and Rotface. let me tell you this, there don’t seem to attractive, but lets face it after a couple of beers we have all done worse right Nas? haha. Anyways. we hope to attempt a couple of new strats on these 2 thanks to our Aussie friend Jes and her ideas (not that they are backwards, you need to remeber that the toilets flush the other way down there.)

Also Recruiting is still open, please feel free to look and see what we need (Everything that isnt melee lol) j/k if you are a warm body with a friendly soul and can get along well with others then check us out.

Excuse me Lady Death, but you are next on my dance card…

Just a quick update…

Now that holidays are over and R/L is on the back burner again it’s time to look at getting another kick at the ICC can.  Over the holidays many of us turned to downing the 10 man versions and were very successful and some of us even set new person records of whoreish deeds by becoming Exhalted with the Ashen Verdict already and that’s cool *Cough WHORE Cough*.  Now we have moved our 25 mans back into ICC and having downed Lord Marrowgar where it was brought to our attention that “yes he does have a pelvis”.  These things are a very necessary part of raiding content and the mechanics for such need to be worked out (hahaha).

Next up for Calzowned is Lady Death and with raid turnout improving and the masses (Brick) searching for ways to make our lives easier so that Nas doesn’t in his words “put his head through a wall”.  Be sure to check the forums and don’t be afraid to read up on the upcoming encounters.  Just because your GS says 5k doesn’t mean you can heal, dps or tank.  GS doesn’t fix stupid so help yourself and run some instances on your own.  Lady Death is another fight that will require us as a whole to work together and down her.  If we take the time and turn down the suck we will soon be moving on to Bear Ass Rockets and the fun that is the Gun Ship. (Formally accepting bets on who is the first tard to fly off the ship when we get there).


Calzowned is still in the process of recruiting so in a post on the forums, you need to  make sure to answer the following questions:

1. Why Calzowned?
2. What are you hoping to get out of WOW?
3. What are you hoping to get out of a guild?
4. How many hours per week to you normally play, and what nights?
5. What is your character’s role in raids?
6. What is your raid experience?
7. What is your feeling on pvp?
8. How old are you?

Thanks for your time and remember to  look into getting some gear and Help Us Help You.


Calzowned, ICC and You…

icecrowncitadel After an eventful past 6 months we have seen our family grow again with a rebuilding of sorts that has allowed us to continue to be the progression guild we have always been known for.  We are still casual in that we only raid two nights a week, but our efforts are not unnoticed as we have been moving forward since the release of new content.  We made steady progress into Ulduar where we stopped in to visit Yogg Saron and as you can see not exactly the blind date we had in mind. We were told that Yogg would be the girl of our dreams (If Girls Played WoW).  So we passed for now as we had just had lunch and didn’t want the image that Yogg had left in our heads to follow us the rest of the day.  How will we forget the worst blind date ever, I mean it reminds me of the time we caught Doctabrick hitting on that girl in Booty Bay after Brewfest. I mean hey, maybe girl meant (Guy In Real Life), but hey you can always take her home to meet grandma and play with the cat I guess.

Next our journey led us to the northern peaks of Ice Crown where someone thought it would be fun to have a tournament so nerds can rage and ride different kinds of animals all day.  Once there we found ourselves drawn to fight at the promise of getting to see to Val’kyr Twins.  First thing I thought was that the game had finally decided it was time to show a little girl on girl action.  I mean who else didn’t think these twins would be like Swedish twins. But to our dismay these two twins were not interested in having us just watch so we had to slap them around a bit and send them home sadder then we were.  After we had slapped the twins around we were visited by their pimp the Lich King. He goes on to let us in on the fact that someone was stupid enough to build this tourney on top of a WoW Roach motel and now we have to visit the manager.  So as we fall through the floor we see the water below and figure at least the landing will be soft.  That is until Sullanciri decides that Path of Frost would be cool, needless to say it wasn’t. In the words of Chutoi “That will cost you Karma”.  Don’t get me wrong I laughed my ass off, but really if you didn’t at least smile you must be dead.  Wait you all were hahaha.  Ok I am good.  When we finally got up and going again we found out that the manager of this Roach Motel was some guy named Anub’arak.  It took a couple of visits to exterminate this NY sized roach, but once again Calzowned showed that we are masochists who love punishment and we kind of know what we are doing.


We have now lived through the first week of a new patch and have started our journey into ICC.  ICC is like that old house up on the hill you should stay away from and you know it, but you just can’t so we ventured through the front doors unannounced and found out that we are in for a treat.  The fights here finally make it feel like raiding again.  I mean there is a little bit of trash here and there and we have to coordinate the pulls again and that is something we haven’t done in way to long.  Priests can use shackle again and man are pallys going to be OP in here with all this dead walking around.  So yes RuffoBrick will feel huge (when we don’t make him tank) and OMFG can you imaging having to hear Doctabrick say how leet he is in his LawLbringer gear (Because you know he has it in his bags).  Through some hard work and sleepless nights because all you hear in your dreams is “I’m on a spike god damn it, someone kill this thing” and “hahaha, spiked and in the fire, that is great.”  All of which will lead to Nas calling for a wipe and being the only one who was ready to die (unless of course you were DI’d on a GOD DAMN SPIKE) hahaha fun times will be had in here and I’m sure some of them will hurt the pocket book, so you should all feel free to FARM because its easy to make some money and get some gear to help us help you!!!


  • Laok is sad that Locks got nerfed

  • Nas is trying Boomkin (Somewhere God is laughing)

  • My GF thinks that DoctaBrick is a Old Cat Lady

  • Do some daily dungeons for repair gold and badge gear. (Help us, help you)

  • Read forums (Mourn and Sull have some good info about upcoming fights)

  • Congrats to the new Calzowned parents

  • Welcome new recruits and members